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The Digital Transformation Company, specializing in architecture guidance & building custom software solutions, Reactive Architecture & Programming, Enterprise API Management and Fast Data Consulting.

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Building the next generation Collaboration Network Applications

We build collaboration network platforms. Our mission is simple, create technology that makes it easier and simpler for people to network, collaborate, and help each other accomplish amazing things.

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We accelerate the creation of Multi-user Web Applications, cutting down bootstrap time and cost

We create solutions to match your unique needs. Working together, you provide us with the details on your business process, how you imagine the system to work, and what key features you need to have. Using your own criteria, our in-house development team, Logic Keepers, crafts a specially designed program tailored to your complex business and its distinct requirements. Our experience allows us to deliver a cost-effective end solution that is built to grow and change with your business, all within a timely manner.

Custom Software Solutions, see what we offer that makes us different, in a good way.

Enterprise Grade Architecture

We focus on creating enterprise grade software architecture. Our system architects have worked with various enterprise organizations to provide highly available and scalable architecture in secure and cost effective cloud architecture.

Open-Source Technologies

We use portable front and back-end open-source technology stacks with no vendor-lock or legacy migration. We also have open-source enterprise and production support management baked into the open-source based solutions.

Open Architecture

Your custom software easily grows with you, so no need to worry about the number of subscriptions or users. We design with your business expansion in mind, you can easily adapt both B2C and B2B models.

Intuitive and Simple Delivery Model

We use agile development with timely deliverables, short sprints and milestones for tangible results. All while incorporating your valuable feedback into the development delivery cycles.

Responsive Out of Box

Out of the box mobile-centric and mobile-first design approach, with no need to modify your applications to accommodate the essential mobile requirements.

Simple Cost Model

Our all-inclusive packages for custom software make your project cost effective, predictable, and manageable with no guesswork.

On-shore Resources

We only use local resources, never off-shore, to maintain your project’s success and cultural integrity.

User Experience Centric Design

We focus on amazing, simple to operate application design.