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The Modern Application Architecture Workshop (MAA)

Learn how to design & build large-scale, distributed, Cloud-Native, flexible, responsive, resilient (self-healing), elastic & cost effective systems faster than the competition


The legacy monolithic architecture style is not a match for the current and future modern applications' requirements and use cases such as Mobile-ready, near real-time personalization, IoT, AI/ML applications, significant increase in load volumes, and the urgent need for faster time to market. The Modern era Solution Architect must learn how to design Distributed, Future-Proof, Elastic, Cloud-Native, Responsive and resilient systems.


  • Learn how the Reactive Architecture approach can help you design and build more responsive, flexible, cost effective, resilient (self-healing) and elastic systems faster than the competition.
  • Learn how to build Cloud-Native reference architecture, using modern tools and technologies such as Kubernetes, Akka, Akka Cluster, Play Framework and more.

Workshop Description

  • This is a hands-on Workshop where the participants collaborate to create a solution for an exciting modern-era business use-case. The Coach will share real-life experience and teach you the modern era architecture techniques and methods that used by the CTOs to build large-scale systems. Such Architecture that is adapted and utilized by the likes of Starbucks, CapitalOne and LinkedIn. The labs on the second day require the knowledge of Java programming.


  • Architects, Software Developers & Engineers and Technical Managers are looking for a better approach to build responsive, resilient and elastic solutions.

Workshop Setup

Day One

  • Reactive design patterns and the applicable solution requirements, DDD, message driven architecture, the Actor model, self-healing, CQRS, Command/Event-sourcing, Eventual Consistency and Distributed Saga
  • Design a solution architecture for a modern business use case

Day Two

  • Build Cloud-native system that implements the solution architecture design that was created in day one
  • The Cloud-Native Reference architecture is built using Kubernetes, Akka, Play!, Kafka and PostgreSql


  • Familiarity with Software Architecture
  • Familiarity with the Java programming language
  • A machine with access to install RC client, MiniShift, local PostgreSql and Kafka

Workshop Coach

  • Has 20+ years experience in the Information Technology field, worked as a Developer, Solution Architect, Enterprise Architect and a CTO. Contributed and worked for leading Information Technology companies such as RedHat, VMware and Apigee -was acquired by Google-.
  • Has a lengthy experience mentoring and coaching developers and architects. Contributed to the JBoss Quick Starts open source project. He was selected by APIWorld as guest speaker to cover Reactive Architecture topics in the Microservices track.
  • Selected by DZone to co-author the Microservices Research Guide along with Lightbend, CA, Oracle, RedHat and MuleSoft authors.
  • Technology blogger that covers Emerging Technologies and Reactive Architecture topics.
  • Leading an Information Technology services company that is selected as a consulting partner by Lightbend, the Reactive Architecture open-source leader.

Detailed Agenda

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